Well, here now we read the story of No limit Aeophex (A-O-Fa-EX), A Eastside born and Southside raised artist. And you will quickly understand the environments that molded this. Let me stop you there, see we’re going deeper than those things you normally hear about kids like me.

I wasn’t a tough kid, I wasn’t the type to dodge trouble either, my battle, as many of my types come from, was always mental.

See beyond these stereotypes you WERE thinking, there is a bleakness that comes with these lands that is unspoken, and it is this bleakness that we choose to color with words, and/OR physical attributes to help us get out. Our art. Anyone who has seen the bleakness knows what I mean.

Imagine how hard it is to have a vision of something better, when everything tells you, you can’t have it. THIS is the mental battle, so many fall to this than any gun or drug put into these communities. I saw the vision in comic books, and cereal box art as a boy, then as a teenager I gained the tools, and as a young adult seeing my parents, my elders, and kids who grew up in this bleakness, suffer and keep suffering, drove me over the edge. I ran so far and fast off that ledge, I didn’t care IF I could or couldn’t fly instantly. I wanted to lift mines .

When I finally heard and recognized that – that voice that kept me from going after what I really wanted, I shut it off. I wouldn’t allow that voice to stand in my way every again. Once I defeated that voice, any actual voice never put a dent in my mission. I have had doors slammed on me for many years and a variety of reasons. I’ve climbed through proverbial windows, cracks in the wall, stuck my foot between doors that wanted to slam on me, fighting for this vision of bringing my people who I represent to a world stage. And by doing this I immortalize them, what they represent to me, through the paintings. I am the reflection of all the people who believe in me.

2011 – The Aeophex Name was born

2015 – First art show at Geekbar

2017 – Artshow at Morpho Gallery

2019 – Granted help to get into the Zhou B. Art Center by amazing artist FarFan to reveal The Vybes Collection

I want you to really look at these, in these gaps I spent countless months and years hunting, talking, searching, researching, gaining spots, and losing spots. Building the doors and looking for doors built for me, and I got some great people in my corner, who have seen what I’m trying to build, and support it.

I ask if you do want to support, don’t just do it because I’m black, Do it because you ACTUALLY like what I’m doing. When people who collect my art be able to resale it to sothebys. I want to smile even larger, I will see my work is valued because I put effort into it. Be it if I am alive or dead, I live in my work.

I want to thank anyone who has bought, or currently buying anything from the shop section or the digital downloads. I love you and I will continue to work hard to fly higher.

My favorite artist was and has always been Caravaggio.

I respect the Gods that came before me. Ernie Barnes, Kerry James Marshall, Botticelli, Camille Pissarro, Bronzino, Amy Sherald, Claude Monet, Aleksander Gierymski, Andrea Del Sarto, Candido Portinari, Hans the younger, Alexander Roslin, Fredric Remington, Winslow Homer, Gustave Courbet, Fredric Edwin Church, Stanley William, Haseltine, John Singer Sargent, and Hebru Brantley (who signed my frickin art book, whaaa).