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AEOPHEX (pronounced A-O-Fix) is a Chicago raised illustrator from the south-side. His style of artwork is loosely based on scribbled graffii drawings he would see in school and in neighborhoods as a child, combined with comic-book style bold lines and colors. You would recognize him by the use of triangles, jewelry, money, or wild color mixing in his paintings. He has been known also to mingle his style into creative videos featuring some of his art.

AEOPHEX treats art like music, releasing them for download, “streaming” (viewing on social media), and to buy physical limited edition copies. Even going as far as to call his art collections “albums” In his process before painting, he would write “lyrics” (sketch) for hours getting the ideas for a topic in his art or “freestyle” on a canvas.

His subject matter to this date ranges from celebrating great people, showing cultures within the black experience outside of Africa, mental health, life and death, class-ism, landscape art, and love. He operates using digital programs, but only prints one legitimate copy that is full size, and has
much smaller size limited edition prints. His work has been featured on art sharing instagram pages, galleries, t-shirts, and pop-up shops.