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Nef – Light Prisms

AEOPHEX offers a variety of services for your animation needs including lyric videos, fully animated videos, short form (less than 1min) videos.

    Lucky Duck – FMO
    MDMC – Poppin
    Tay – Gon Excuse me
    Tom Auton – How’d I get so low
    Sofija – Who am I
    Dallas Rd – Cosmic Sand
    Lauri Lantela – Surulla On Siivet
    Smoking Angels – Message to you
    Justin Geraci – Just Like You
    Samuel Oscar – Wheres my love
    The Mystical Hot Chocolate Endeavors – Eye to Eye
    The Mystical Hot Chocolate Endeavors – Sorry
    Tiny Skulls – Vapour Nails
    Detox from Grey – Star in my sky
    Rae Rae Jensen – Rollin in the hay
    Kings – Action Man
    Borsus – 12 days of Bosrus
    Licht & Rauch – Flip Flop
    Prime Sinister – Barium
    Andrews Paradox – To Come Together
    Tay OG – Dont Play With Me
    Bryce Clifford and brother Superior- TV snow
    Gr8Sky – TranQuil Vibez
    Joseph Canozoneri – Glow
    protect your heart – The Last to love you
    Polun – Higher
    Rob Dowler – Daydreaming Passenger
    the one I ever had – YUBN
    Illicit ghost – Higher
    Mother Nature – Moortalz
    RayVenturas – Wired
    RayVenturas – Someone like you
    RayVenturas – Whats Wrong with being ordinary
    Tina Mathieu – Ladybug
    Bonti – Don’t stop
    Monica Farrson – K-Way
    Wark – Tidal Wave
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