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KUSHUKURU: the art collection

Learn about KUSHUKURU

Reasons for KUSHUKURU

This collection we dedicated it to several amazing artists that came before our time who inspired me to paint. It featured my own variations on works by Caravaggio, Kandinsky, and many more.

Aeophex feels a great importance on paying homage to artists that paved the way for us. Artists who have died: penniless, homeless, broken down. Today we get to enjoy peoples love of art thru social media. But to me it still feels like art is a background. So for this art collection I chose to only show it in person at live events and to rarely if ever show it online. This is a effort I made to keep this art collection in the spirit of what we as artist want. We want to see people having conversation about our work, to live with our art, and to pass our art down and keep it special in their lives. Imagine collecting a piece from me, and have it be a staple of your family for generations to then find that you of 20 people own a print or that you are the sole owner of an original AEOPHEX painting. That is why I made this art collection. I pay homage to the artist before me by treating art as an experience that computers can’t duplicate, one that links all those around to see it with you, stranger or friend in that moment. And the art you leave with that day remains a part of you.

For this I am grateful. For you, the collector, I am grateful that we can share this experience.

Why is it called KUSHUKURU

KUSHUKURU means to be thankful in Swahili. This is a language that Aeophex studies in his free time. Aeophex is thankful for the path and inspiration that these artists have left for him to see, interpret, and understand. Always be thankful for anyone who helped evolve your mindset. The ways in which someone’s kindness, guidance, and indirect actions effects us is massive and undersold.

This art collection is build around travelling and engaging in places where our art has never touched, in effort to create art that has a ripple effect and have our collectors be united in their love for art. Each print had 20 limited edition signed and numbered copies. Along with the singular, original, 1/1 painting.



KUSHKURU has been featured in cites across the east coast and midwest


debuted on August 1st 2021 at the Atlanta concourse convention center at the black arts expo

1 Original painting left with a new owner

30 limited edition prints found a new home

10 limited edition glicee prints found a new home


debuted on Sept 18th 2021at the Music Hall Amphitheater – 350 Madison St, Detroit, MI 48226

15 Limited edition prints found a new home

2 Limited edition glicee prints found a new home


debuted on June 19th 2022 at the Pose art gallery – 2136 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

2 prints became officially sold out

20 Limited edition prints found a new home

At the end of 2023 this collection and all its remaining prints will be stored away forever. Only to be viewed upon request.

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