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I had the pleasure working with the music artist known as super dakario. I went to school with him and I known him after school and seeing his progression and thought he was pretty interested and from his past project S.A.D, I knew he was on his way to do some great things.

Earlier this year or last year I can’t quite remember too well. He came to me and asked for a few peripheral artwork for in album he was going to release. Some of which you can see below.

And then we started working on the front and back cover of the actual album. I was very honored that he wants to work with me exclusively throughout the entire process. Usually with most people I work on their front cover but never the front cover, back cover, peripheral artwork, and advertising work. throughout the process we crafted a city backdrop that depicted downtown Chicago but I’ll fire. Something like what’s going on in real life. And as you carry your eye from the top cover to the bottom cover you will see how it transitions from a real-world burning down into a digital landscape something like a game. and that the producer and the artist are wearing Virtual reality goggles.

And that’s not all, we also did the back cover and we want to keep the imagery. And with that in mind I took another scene from Chicago which is over the Magnificent Mile Bridge and depicted that burning.

What a project like this taught me was using the music, combined with a bit of personality to drive a consistent image throughout an album rollout. Truly an honor. And Below you can listen to that album. Enjoy

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