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The Tundra Custom

(these colors don’t exist yet, this is to give you an idea of the range AEOPHEX an go, you can pick one of these however)

The Tundra: CUSTOM- $300.00

You saw the Tundra jacket, and you loved one color but not another. You wanted one that was unique to you. So you came here and requested an awesome custom color, you and AEOPHEX talked personally and were crafted a 1/1 Tundra jacket.

How it works:

  1. Place order for custom color option here
  2. Once order is confirmed AEOPHEX will contact you via email to ask you what colors you want used.
  3. Options will be shown to you, and after a color has been confirmed as unique, Production begins and product ships in 2 weeks!

AEOPHEX operates in integrity of ALL his products. So if the color pattern you want has been used before you will be refunded if you can’t find a color pattern that has not been used. See below to see what color patterns aren’t available

”Size :

Color patterns that are taken:

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