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is this the display of slowly crushing yourself under the weight of your conviction? is it the display of knowing youre in pain but not talking about it because in your mind pretending that everything is ok is enough? or what do you see?

This art collection is artistic display of the suffering we put ourselves into. Sometimes the greatest horrors come from within us and we express it outwardly in the way of self inflicted pain.

The feeling of being trapped but you are the only one holding yourself back? or is it fear holding your feet still but you know you are ready to move on? or what else could it be?

In my experience, most things that torment me or have tormented me were due to my way I view and interact with the world. The way out of this trap… unmask myself from that pain.

feeling like your hands are tied? or its your lack of realizing you are in control of your life?

This collection is released on halloween because I wanted to use day that embodies fear, the monsters within us..

the greatest suffering is knowingly crippling yourself to please people.
or is it staying in the same place because literally looking into the darkness beyond what you know is so scary you can’t move yourself? what do you think?

be sure to check out the phone background for this collection in the free downloads section. Go there now!

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