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KUSHUKURU: the art collection

Coming soon. Chapter 3 to KUSHUKURU

The KUSHUKURU art collection debuted in Atlanta on August 1st 2021.


debuted on Sept 18th 2021at the Music Hall Amphitheater – 350 Madison St, Detroit, MI 48226

This collection we dedicated it to several amazing artists that came before our time who inspired us to paint. It featured our own variations on works by Caravaggio, Kandinsky, and much more.

Reasons for KUSHUKURU

Aeophex feels a great importance on paying homage to artists that paved the way for us. Artists who have died: penniless, homeless, broken down, and alone. It was thru the suffering and life lessons these artists experienced for us that led our drive to make sure their names never die and we make right on their names. While adding to that list with our name.

Why is it called KUSHUKURU

KUSHUKURU means to be thankful in Swahili. This is a language that Aeophex studies in his free time. Aeophex is thankful for the path and inspiration that these artists have left for him to see, interpret, and understand. Always be thankful for anyone who helped evolve your mindset. The ways in which someone’s kindness, guidance, and indirect actions effects us is massive and undersold.

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