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Hello and thank you for coming to this page to seek out digital content. We are currently in a transition phase of learning to appreciate what the nft space can do for our supporters. So please excuse the fact that there is currently no NFT content here yet. When we have everything properly set up we will make sure that not only people who have cryptocurrency can collect our NFT’s but also people that are using credit card and debit cards.

And even more so what we want to do is cultivate a group around such a project. So we can give benefits to everyone who buys any of our NFT’s. 

Just a little tidbit of what we’re learning that we can talk about right now is that there are too many people that come into the NFT space thinking that they can collect money and then run away. That is not good. That is not the way to act in this very connected and close knit space. And we almost  fell victim to this mindset. But after speaking to many different people within the NFT community. We are now going to approach this completely different. 

With all the love in our heart to you. We are taking time to make sure that when we do come back here to promote any digital art that we make we want to make sure that we’re doing it for all the right reasons.

Thank you

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