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Collectors Club

Aeophex has tons of exclusive content, including unreleased paintings, projects, and custom goodies. But these things cannot be released to the mass public, only us here at the collectors club truly appreciate the works of Aeophex.

To gain access to this club its only $10 a month

[wp_paypal button=”subscribe” name=”$10 month subscribe” amount=”10.00″ recurrence=”1″ period=”M” src=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-paypal/1″]

Full description of access:

  • Monthly Q&A notifications so you can join the conversation
  • Discounted custom products
  • A slew of exclusive unreleased phone, and desktop backgrounds
  • Speedarts of unseen art
  • more benefits to come!

Once you subscribe our admins get the password sent to your email. The password changes every month to protect the content.

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