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The Black Panther Party has been a staple in community outreach if not for cointelpro, I can only imagine all the groundwork that would have been made for the communities of chicago and the greater united states. Breakfast programs, reading programs, training for work, the list goes on.

In my sad moments I had researched what became of Fred Hamptons house. Fred Hampton was the 22 year old, leader of the chicago chapter Black panther Party. He was drugged and killed in his sleep.

But I digress, his home has been turned to a community outreach center, with aspirations of becoming a museum for the Black Panther Party. I LOVE this idea, and I want to support it



Under Chairman’s leadership, programs that encouraged self-determination such as The Free Breakfast Program (which fed thousands of children every week), Medical Programs, and transportation programs to get people to/from prisons to visit those held, served thousands of families.

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